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Pallindromisi II

5 Day Performance 2010

Documentation Video Experimentation 2010-2012

@ Stiles Of Olympiou DIos Athens


Pallindromisi II - A block of bricks was introduced to the open space of the Ancient Temple of Olympious Zeus, resulting in a 5 day performance.  The impact of historical heritage on nowadays culture is put together and reflected upon through the brick sketches.   As architectural surroundings interfere with civilians, expound their behavior and customary exercise. The extent to which our heritage delineate who we are, is internal as it refines customary culture and external as imposed background fused with activity.   As in the artist being a medium to archaeological geography reallocation, the act performed on what is witnessed through primeval temples and the mythology of inclination. In so, whether primitive culture is habitual in civilian life is an acquisition of character in tradition. The on time interaction witnessed the act beyond its architectural annotation and redefinition but rather as an intrusion and imposition.

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