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Video performance 2014

@ Wall Space - Athens

•Ifigenia, in the play had to face war, family opposition, religious legacy, oracle and self-sacrifice. Following the lines of the dramatic play, the performer is set firm in the cadre so as to reveal the transformed fictional scenery. The aim is to recover the character of the figure regardless of the dramaturgy and facts. The video is performative. It durrates 16 min so as to allow the figurine to resolve time and self-overlapping occurrence.  Narration follows the video by actor Samir, a Syrian refugeeand actor, who recites the details of the preparation of troops to conquer Troy, as imparted in the play.   This aims at questioning identity, alieneity and belonging in the howabouts of modernity.  In antiquity Greeks were not only the ones who were born instate but all who had received Greek knowledge and training. Who is Ifigenia today?  The dramaturgy in nowadays society, has voided war in the form of military attack, within “civilized” borders, but has perfectly censored  social living through repression and economic assaults.  It is a fact that laws exist to run and govern a state but no laws exist outside the borders of states, preventing war and preserving peace.

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