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Notes On Metamorphosis

Theatrical performance 2019

A script based on the novel "Metamorphosis" by Franz kafka.  Gregor is to examine his new body - new capacity- new space, in a detached environment.  The boundaries of the self in solitude are examined, criticizing social alienation. He speaks with Spring and Time, although they never speak to each other but rather speak to themselves.  They try to find fire exits in a system that is devouring diversity and the right to a fair chance in society regardless of sexual identity or race.  Gregor dies.  Gregor dies because he is unable to find his voice and truth about himself, he is unable to break through the chains of a wounded background and a harsh and demanding future.  Gregor is a slave of himself therefore of his family and society as a whole.



Gregor Lili Tsesmatzoglou

Spring Georgia Ampourandy

Time Stauriana Astradenh


Text and directionMaria Zacharogianni

Costumes Geroge Stamatakis

Make up Giannos Ntanakos

Photography Kalliopi Vagiannaki

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