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Theatrical performance 2016 -17

"I know that everybody goes to love alone, in glory and death 


"Yannis Ritsos, Sonata of the Moonlight



Yellow team, directed by the artist Maria Zacharogianni, discusses the experience of love and its ruins. Love and Death, the martial dimension of love, war and love for war are explored through an endless plan. In a dystopian space, three performers are confronted with themselves as self-contained personalities and beyond the absurdity of "constructed" desire, as a Trojan horse of a vulgar romance. In a mood for reconstruction of the personal space, and with the sounds of words, as bodies of a primitive communication, the dramatic conflict is done by the "hypocrites" – actors, who rhythmically reveal the wake of desire in its original form - physically and politically - before preventing it from working out of its libinal structures. Realizing their fragility, they attempt to construct a new syntax that will reduce the pain they endure in memory, avnostalgic experience. The pain that arises from a collision process, at an individual and collective level, is a major concern in the performance. The element of claustrophobic and private in the experience of love is inherent in the need to find a way out, the need for light. With dramatic influences from dramaturgy, the artist looks for that point of overturning in the theatrical plot where role distribution transforms the protagonists into perpetrators or victims. Love is a profoundly revolutionary treaty, making us politically subjects to the complicity and wording of the beautiful.



Idea - Direction: Maria Zacharogianni

Performers: Giannos Danakos, Vassia Paspali, Bella Abardzaki

Costumes: Alexia KaravelaVideo 

recording: Nikolas Tsanis Giorgos Alefantis

Photo: Kalliopi Vagianaki

Editor: Antigone Pogiatzi


Text: Maria Zacharoyianni and Giannos Danakos

as well as extracts from

Anton Chekhov, Uncle Vania

Roland Barte, Quotes of Love

Jean Bautrillard, Perfection

Konstantinos Paparrigopoulos History of the Greek National

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