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Pallindromisi I

5 day Performance 2009

@ Bios Performance Festival Athens

Pallindromisi (palindrome) (παλινδρόμηση) comes from the Greek words πάλι (again) and δρόμος (road, route).  It states a movement towards a direction and its opposite. It understates a situation under which one is indecisive yet in movement of a course of action. It is the grouchy state prior to a decision. It is the awkward situation under which the self deploys inner information and customary behavioral facts. In quantum physics the atom varies in its graph demonstration when under the influence of different factors - varriables (diagram).  Alike the self is examined to witness tendencies and alignments when exposed to the palindromisi tests. How is the self inflated with the experience and with the involvement with the other selves? This is reflected throughout the course of the performance via interaction with the course. The self is interrogated through the personification and direct correlation to the construction. 

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